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Core Insurance Coverages

AMSC is pleased to be able to offer such extensive and broad insurance solutions. This coverage is made available from the standpoint of protecting the interests of our members and their insurance company - MUNIX. Our mandate is to provide risk management solutions that protect and shelter Alberta urban municipalities.

Advantages of Self-insurance

  • You own and control your insurance mechanism
  • Improved cash flow reduced costs i.e. lower premiums.
  • Members are shielded from the peaks and valleys of the typical insurance industry pricing cycle.
  • Ability to specifically tailor coverages to the needs of the Members.
  • Ability to provide coverages that may not be offered by the insurance industry.
  • Focused on a defined client, whereas a conventional insurer must design insurance to suit the masses.
  • Self-insurance responds faster to settle claims than conventional insurers.
  • Premiums not used to pay losses are returned to the members as equity.

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