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Sample Service Agreements

A common, unified voice is the cornerstone of the AUMA. Developing common templates that members can use helps to strengthen the approach to any challenge. The AUMA develops a variety of common agreements that can be used by members to increase the likelihood of success and to reduce the time and effort that each member is required to invest if developed independently. Current templates include; Milenet, Energy Franchise Agreements, SuperNet and more.

These agreements are developed on an ongoing basis to specifically assist municipal members so please check back regularly.

MilenetElectric Franchise AgreementGas Franchise Agreement
Alberta SuperNetWater


Milenet is an online tool which enables the Provincial Government to receive specific data from municipalities (e.g. assessment data) so that it may do such things as calculate a municipality’s equalization amount. The main purpose of developing equalized assessment is to enable the Provincial Government to collect the provincial education taxes. Click here to view.

Electric Franchise Agreement

The Electric Franchise Agreement, 2012. Click here to view

Gas Franchise Agreement

The Gas Franchise Agreement, 2004. Click here to view

Alberta SuperNet

SuperNet provides access to digital information never before available at high speed in smaller communities and offers the ability to collaborate with other government offices and with municipal association initiatives, and to participate in using centralized services. Click here to view the Alberta SuperNet Agreement.


Template agreement for telecommunications with Bell Intrigna Inc, 2002. Click here to view.


Agreement with Alberta Environment on Drinking Water Quality, 2004. Click here to view.

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