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Alberta Municipal Services Corporation (AMSC) was incorporated in 2005 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the AUMA and has been providing aggregated services for 30 years.


The philosophy of the AUMA is to outsource services to services providers and partners using a ‘Best of The Breed’ approach.

  • Allows customers to receive the most efficient and effective service possible amongst the top providers available
  • AMSC will participate in member services market reforms where outcomes could affect reliability and cost
  • AMSC is committed to creating value for its members
  • AMSC will be a strong voice for the interests of member services consumers
  • AMSC will support government initiatives to improve member services consumer education and is committed to participating in local member services consumer education
  • AMSC will work with municipal and consumer groups on regulatory or interventions, when appropriate
  • AMSC services are by members for members
  • The voice and input of Municipalities help shape the direction of the AMSC Service Programs.
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