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AUMA 2013 Convention

Annual General Meeting
CEO's Report
Audit and Finance Report
Pre-Convention Sessions
Now that I've been Elected
Robert's Rules of Order - John Noonan
Municipal Government Act - Tom Forgrave
MGA Summary Index
Education Sessions
Council Obligations and CAO
Council Obligations and CAO - David Brown
Building Consensus Achieving Results
Building Consensus Achieving Results - David Brown
The AUMA and AMSC Business Services: a Foundation for Strong Municipalities
The AUMA and AMSC Business Services: a Foundation for Strong Municipalities
Addressing the Affordable Housing Challenge
Alberta Municipal Affairs - Mike Leathwood
CMHC’S Affordable Housing Centre - Terrence Hodkinson
Addressing the Affordable Housing Challenge - Nancy Laing
The Future of Municipal Governance
The Future of Municipal Governance: Inspiring Evolution
Infrastructure Asset Management Simplified
Infrastructure Asset Management an Engineering Approach - Sheldon Hudson
Standing Committee Reports
Small Communities
Small Communities Report
Maximizing Economic Development Activity in Small Communities - Dale Barr
Growing Economic Development in Small Communities - Mike Stolte
Safe and Healthy Communities
Safe and Healthy Communities Report
The Economics of Policing - Jennifer Freund
Economics of Policing: The Municipal Role - Randy Goulden
Women in Municipal Government
Women in Municipal Government Committee Report
Sustainability and Environment
Sustainability and Environment Committee Report
Municipal Governance
Municipal Governance Committee Report
APEX Board of Govenors
APEX Board of Govenors Report
AMSC Board of Governors
AMSC Board of Governors Report
Infrastructure & Energy
Hinton’s Infrastructure Plan - Bernie Kreiner
Asset Management - Joel Sanchez
Executive Committee
Executive Committee Report
Audit & Finance
Audit & Finance Committee Report
Supplementary Sessions
Fixing Canada's Housing Crisis
FCM’s Federal Housing Campaign
Alberta Municipal Affairs
MGA Review Stakeholder Engagement - Jennifer Jabs
Alberta Fire Chiefs Association and the Health Quality Council Report
Medical First Responder Advisory Panel
Survey Results
Priorities Survey
Priorities Survey Results by Municipality Size
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