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Many issues confronting local councils require action by orders of government other than the municipal level. Sometimes these issues are, or have the potential to be, common to many municipalities. Resolutions forwarded to AUMA are an effective vehicle for dealing with these types of issues.

Keep in mind that a resolution forwarded to AUMA is more than a directive to local municipal staff or a policy guideline for future council meetings. A resolution passed by local council and forwarded to AUMA is one in which you and your council are hoping ultimately to have endorsed by a majority of Alberta's municipalities.

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Category Title Status
Policy Paper.1 Municipal Water Policy on Stormwater Adopted
Policy Paper.2 2014 Municipal Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity Plan Adopted
EXT.1 Resource Extraction Within Municipal Boundaries Adopted
EXT.2 Temporary Foreign Workers Adopted
Provincial Scope2 Provision of High School Sites Adopted
Provincial Scope3 Provincial Support for School Development Adopted
Provincial Scope4 Provincial Responsibility for Education Property Tax Collection Adopted As Amended
Provincial Scope5 Complete Communities Adopted
Provincial Scope6 Local Authorities Election Act Amendment Adopted
Provincial Scope7 Exemption from Financial Information Return Requirements for Public Bodies not providing Services Adopted
Provincial Scope8 Provincial Income Tax Transfer Payment Adopted
Provincial Scope9 Community Revitalization Levy Adopted
Provincial Scope10 Senior Care Adopted
Provincial Scope11 Increasing Fines for Speeding on Residential Roads Adopted
Provincial Scope13 Provincial Intersections on Highways Adopted
Provincial Scope14 Alberta 211 Adopted
Provincial Scope15 Alternative and Renewable Energy Framework Adopted
Provincial Scope16 Contaminants in Water Adopted
Provincial Scope18 Pollinator Protection Adopted As Amended
Provincial Scope19 Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) Funding Adopted
Provincial Scope20 Dreissenid Mussels Invasion Adopted
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