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Upcoming Caucuses

Thank you to all who participated in the March Mayors' Caucus in Edmonton. We look forward to seeing you at the June Mayors' Caucuses in Strathmore. More details to follow.  

Click here to view March Mayors' Caucus agenda

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In 2009, the AUMA Board of Directors scheduled the first Mayors’ Caucus meetings. They were designed as way to meet with groups of members based on population thresholds to facilitate decision-making by establishing direct communications on a regular basis.

The meetings in 2009 proved to be very popular. In fact, the vast majority of members from all three population groups reported that the experience was beneficial and worthwhile. More importantly, caucus decisions and discussions have provided the AUMA Board clear direction on specific matters.

The population thresholds are:

  • Populations under 2,500
  • Populations from 2,501 to 10,000
  • Populations greater than 10,000


The Caucus meetings provide the opportunity for municipalities to table RFDs on municipal issues. Send your RFDs and the appropriate background information to Maureen Ford, so they can be made available for all Mayors to review prior to the Caucus meetings. In order to present the RFD at a Mayors Caucus, the RFD must be endorsed by Council and there must be a representative from your Council to speak to the RFD.

Click here for the RFD template.   

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