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Requests for Proposals

Fund Holder and Investor Services

AMSC is seeking to achieve several strategic objectives through this vendor selection process:

  • Develop and implement a consistent, transparent and standardized fee structure for service delivery across the lines of service provided by Retirement Services.
  • Maximize service levels, minimize administrative costs, offer superior pricing to the market and value added services to our customers by streamlining and simplifying processes.
  • Enhance current revenue to AMSC and ensure that revenue to AMSC grows commensurate with the growth of funds under management.
  • Obtain ongoing advice regarding investment alternatives available to AMSC in accordance with the requirements for each retirement line of service as they may change from time to time.
  • Seek superior investment service which includes advising and consulting on investment and business alternatives that can add long term value to AMSC and its program participants.

Update: response deadline extended to June 15.

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1There are no questions for the providers to respond to. Are we missing anything?No questions have been provided. The requirements for AMSC are explained in the RFP and the expectation is that the vendor will prepare an RFP submission on how best to meet the requirements.
2Would it be possible to get a copy of your Advanced Tax Ruling (ATR) for the MuniSERP? This will provide us with the ability to provide you with better comments around our capabilities for this type of product. Without it, our comments will be quite general.Advanced Tax Ruling
3The Request for Proposal includes two RFP documents which appear identical--with the exception of Appendix C in the second document, which includes the Statement of Investment Policy and Goals for the MuniSERP Fund and the APEX Supplementary Pension Plan. Please advise if we may ignore the duplicated material. Any duplicated material can be ignored
4Do we have permission to illustrate the AMSC and AUMA logos on our proposal materials?Yes.
5With regard to the APEX Supplementary Pension Plan and the pensioner payroll, please provide the number of pensioners receiving monthly payments.As of April 30, 2015 there are 87 pensioners receiving monthly payments.
6Please provide an estimate of the annual Employer contributions made to the Earmarked Asset Investment Fund Account for the MuniSERP.$1.4 million
7We are seeking clarity around the roles and requirements with respect to the MuniSERP. We have assumed AMSC is the plan sponsor; and that AMSC’s actuarial service provider is performing the member level recordkeeping for the MuniSERP, and not the Fund Holder. Please confirm our understanding is correct. Alternatively, please confirm that the Fund Holder is expected to perform member level recordkeeping for the MuniSERP, including making payments to members and in producing tax slips. AMSC performs member level recordkeeping where member in the context of the question asked is any individual participating employee of a participating employer in the MuniSERP program. Payments are made by the participating employer to its employee. AMSC will submit a funds withdrawal request on behalf of the participating employer to the fund holder.


The AUMA uses a competitive bidding process to select suppliers of goods and services required to deliver association programs and to support association activities. 

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