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Future of Local Governance

You have reached AUMA’s go-to spot for information and news on the Future of Local Governance initiative!

In 2009, the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association Board of Directors established a Task Force on the Future of Local Governance. The work of the Task Force was thoroughly examined at the 2009 AUMA President’s Summit, April 30-May 1, 2009 in Red Deer.

AUMA presents its FOLG Work/Engagement Plan for the coming months.

The Future of Local Governance paper adopted at the 2009 Convention can be found here.

As stated in the July 15 issue of the Digest, the Communications Package components:

  1. Backgrounder
  2. Questions and Answers
  3. Talking Points
  4. Op-Ed

This webpage provides access to the documents developed for the President’s Summit:

And the presentations and documents of discussions of the President’s Summit:

AUMA’s Future of Local Governance initiative is continuing…AUMA will keep you in the loop, and encourages your feedback on the posts and future posts to this webpage!

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