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Integrated Community Sustainability Plan Template


In May 2005, the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta signed an agreement to transfer federal gas tax funds to Alberta municipalities. Alberta Transportation administers the fund transfer.

The 2005 Canada-Alberta Agreement includes a requirement that municipalities develop an “Integrated Community Sustainability Plan” (ICSP), which unfortunately was neither defined at the time (or later), nor identified through any official government template. Many Alberta municipalities have chosen since that time to follow AUMA’s Municipal Sustainability Plan (MSP) process, and the result has been a comprehensive, long-term sustainability plan for the community or region. For a comparative chart showing ICSPs and MSPs, please view APPENDIX A.

AUMA is pleased to present for your consideration an ICSP template that can, in our view, be utilized to fulfill the ICSP requirement of the Canada-Alberta federal gas tax transfer agreement. The template has been developed due to the lack of a template being forthcoming from either the Government of Alberta or the Government of Canada. It is meant to be used only as a method to fulfill the ICSP requirement, and is not a substitute for comprehensive, long-term, strategic sustainability planning that includes an intensive citizen engagement process. For such work, the MSP process continues to be our recommended course of action. The ICSP template included here could be used as the first step towards a more comprehensive sustainability planning process.

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