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Urban/Rural Cost-Sharing Toolkit

On behalf of Rural/Urban Task Force we are pleased to present a cost-sharing toolkit, as part of the recommendations of the AAMD&C/AUMA Rural/Urban Cost-sharing Task Force Report entitled Cost-sharing for Success: A Pro-active Approach

The Report and toolkit are the culmination of nearly two years of deliberations and efforts from AAMD&C and AUMA committee members. The Associations embraced an opportunity to demonstrate leadership in rural/urban cooperation, and have provided tools through this website to assist municipalities with the development of cost-sharing agreements. 

While the cost-sharing report and tool kit may not result in immediate success, provide an answer to every situation, or solve all problems regarding the development of intermunicipal cost-sharing agreements, we believe that the principles, practices and resources contained here will improve the potential for success in municipal cost-sharing agreements.

Voluntarily entering into cost-sharing agreements allows municipalities to determine the most appropriate solutions for local needs, recognizing that collaborative initiatives provide a stronger, united voice and a greater opportunity to influence other orders of government.

We hope these pages will be useful, and we hope that you will contact your associations with any comments about the website. We also hope that if cost-sharing initiatives are appropriate for your municipality and your region, you will inform us of your progress.

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