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Media Release Components and Sample
  Elements of a Communications Strategy
  Media Release components and sample

Components of a Media Release


Title – something that will catch the attention of the media editor

Dateline (Place, Date) – Introduction to the topic – provide the 5 “W”s in the introduction.

Second Paragraph – a few more details, but it is recommended that the paragraph contains no more than 3 sentences.

Final Paragraph – again, 2-3 sentences, including a quotation from leaders of the initiative.

- 30 -

(News and Media Releases always ends with - 30 -)

Contact Information

As per the Municipality’s communications protocols. The contact person could be administration, or the chief elected official. The most important part of this section is the contact telephone number.


Sample Media Release


County and Town to Share Costs and Increase Benefits for All

TOWN OF M, June 12, 200? – The County of R was host to an historic meeting last night with the Town of B. The meeting put the wheels in motion for a cost-sharing agreement on a state-of-the art recreation complex that will benefit residents of the region, and will provide a venue for provincial and national sports competitions. Several different sites were considered by both Councils, and residents gave their input on the site location last winter.

The region is proud to have produced the talents of Olympic marathon runner: U----- R------, and will build on the recognition she has brought to the community. The recreation complex is key to achieving the 10-year regional vision that looks to branding the region as an Olympics training ground and attracting athletic talent to the area.

“This cost-sharing agreement is unique in the Province for its scope and linkages to our regional strategic plan,” says Reeve K. Mayor T adds: “we have been planning the recreation complex for over a year, and we are now ready to put our plans into action for a healthier region”.

- 30 -
For more information, contact:

Mayor T
{Town address}
{phone number}
Reeve K
{County address}
{phone number}
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