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Toolkits & Initiatives

As a solutions-based Association, the AUMA develops various toolkits to assist members in addressing the many challenges they face.  Existing toolkits are continually updated and new toolkits are constantly being developed to address the dynamic environment and changing times in which we live.

These toolkits enable a common approach that can be used by all members when addressing challenges.

Citizen Engagement ToolkitDispute ResolutionMunicipal Sustainability Planning Microsite
Welcoming & Inclusive CommunitiesIntermunicipal CooperationICSP Toolkit
Municipal Careers Awareness ToolkitAUMA’s Energy Policy Framework
 Guide for Municipal Asset Management Plans

Guide for Municipal Asset Management Plans

This guide outlines a tactical framework that will assist municipalities in addressing their community’s social, economic and physical needs through the creation and implementation of an asset management plan. Learn more

 AUMA’s Energy Policy Framework

In response to the need for a common vision and principles to align municipal energy policies across issues and through time, AUMA has developed a Municipal Energy Policy Framework. This framework will allow AUMA to work with our members to develop energy policies over a period of several years, resulting in policy papers that will go to AUMA’s annual Conventions for final approval. Learn more

Citizen Engagement Toolkit

The Citizen Engagement Toolkit is a comprehensive program that allows you to customize your citizen engagement project to fit your community. Want to talk to residents about a new swimming pool location? Access the Citizen Engagement Toolkit to find best practices for working with residents, and the best citizen engagement mechanisms to fit your budget. Learn more.

Welcoming & Inclusive Communities

This was designed to assist Municipalities in Alberta wishing to take action to reduce racism and discrimination and build welcoming and inclusive communities. It was developed to serve as a tool for municipalities pursuing a social inclusion and/or building welcoming communities agenda and to support municipalities that are joining the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination initiative. Click here to go to the WIC Microsite

Municipal Sustainability Planning Microsite

Municipal sustainability planning is an opportunity for municipalities to look long-term at the communities they want and take proactive steps to move there. It is an opportunity to engage citizens in a dialogue about what they value about their communities and what they want them to look like in the future. Learn more

Integrated Community Sustainability Plan Template

AUMA is pleased to present for your consideration an ICSP template that can, in our view, be utilized to fulfill the ICSP requirement of the Canada-Alberta federal gas tax transfer agreement. The template has been developed due to the lack of a template being forthcoming from either the Government of Alberta or the Government of Canada. Learn more

Municipal Careers Awareness Toolkit

In its continuing effort to provide supports and services to members, the AUMA is pleased to release the Municipal Careers Awareness Toolkit. This toolkit assists with municipal recruitment and retention strategies and is the culmination of a multi-organizational partnership that included the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties, the Alberta Rural Municipal Administrators’ Association, the Local Government Administration Association and the Society of Local Government Managers. Learn more

Intermunicipal Cooperation

The purpose of this page is to provide municipalities with constantly updated information, resources and tools that they will need to begin or continue effective working relationships with other municipalities. Learn more

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