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For Wed July 30, 2014


  Convention registration now open Registration for the 2014 AUMA Convention & AMSC Trade Show is now available.
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2014 Resolutions have now been published The resolutions include two AUMA Board-sponsored matters pertaining to stormwater and water conservation, efficiency and productivity and 20 member resolutions.
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5, AMSC Governance Committee

8, Safe and Healthy Communities Committee

13, Infrastructure and Energy Committee

14, AUMA Executive Committee

15, Sustainability and Environment Committee

15, Municipal Governance Committee


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Reminder of Returning Officer nomination notice
The following AUMA Board positions are scheduled for election for 2014/2015...
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Share your voice on proposed amendments to the Safety Codes Act
Alberta Municipal Affairs and the Safety Codes Council invite you to participate in a consultation on the proposed amendments to the Safety Codes Act.
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Province announces plan for South Saskatchewan Region
The Government of Alberta released the long awaited South Saskatchewan Regional Plan last week.
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New report supports district energy for municipalities
Energy use by cities accounts for more than two-thirds of global demand.
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Interagency Council on Homelessness working on critical housing needs in municipalities
The AUMA has been participating on the Interagency Council on Homelessness to ensure there is sufficient affordable housing and supports for addressing homelessness.
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Why mayors should rule the world
Benjamin Barber, political theorist and best-selling author, recently presented a powerful and thought-provoking TED-talk, stating that mayors, and the municipalities they represent, should “rule the world.”
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Tips for meeting summer driving challenges
Alberta summer is in full swing, bringing with it more pedestrians, tourists, bicycles and many other summer driving challenges.
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Upcoming Changes in the Provincial Court Of Alberta
The Alberta Government has made a long awaited announcement that will carry with it far reaching consequences for both private individuals and municipalities.
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Six-Year-Old Emily benefits from Best Doctors®
When Cindy Smith’s (not her real name) six-year-old daughter Emily became ill, her family visited many different doctors to try to find out what was wrong.
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Life is better on the sunny side: eight tips for learned optimism
Life is more enjoyable if you view a glass as half-full rather than half-empty, but being cynical could be bad for the brain.
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Be savvy about TFSAs: know your contribution limit
Savvy investors are aware of the valuable role Tax-Free Savings Accounts play in helping them meet their financial goals.
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