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May 9, 2012

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Get retirement-ready with four steps

Can you picture how you will make the transition from work to retirement?

Although many workers can easily imagine their last day and their retirement celebrations, getting ready for retirement involves much more. Ideally, you should begin taking several important steps beginning five years before your planned retirement date.

With good planning, you will have been following a financial plan during a good part of your working life. If not, retirement experts urge that you get started today.

The chances are that you will have monitored your financial plan annually up to now and made adjustments as needed. When you are within five years of retirement, however, you should start to review the plan in detail.

Here are four steps for getting ready for retirement:

  • Review Your Income Sources: Take a detailed look at all your expected income sources. Then add them up to calculate your projected income. Include the following:
    • Canada Pension Plan
    • Old Age Security
    • Employer Pension Plans
    • Personal and Workplace Savings Plans
  • Calculate Your Post-Retirement Expenses: Make a list of your expected expenses in retirement, including housing, hobbies and costs of living. Include any outstanding debt, and if possible make plans to pay it off before you retire.
  • Adjust Your Asset Allocation: At this stage, you may want to reduce the overall risk of your portfolio. Many advisors suggest that if you have been an aggressive investor in the past, this might be a time to consider a moderate or even conservative approach.
  • Consider Doing Some Estate Planning: Review and update your will to be sure it still reflects your wishes and that your loved ones are protected. Also review tax-efficient strategies to reduce future tax burdens.

These tips will help you gather the facts you need to find out if you are on track for the retirement you imagine. You will also have time to make any adjustments that might appear necessary. For example, you might decide that you would like to delay retirement, or to work part-time to increase your savings.

Also keep in mind that a valuable feature of an AUMA/AMSC membership is the opportunity to participate in the AMSC Group RRSP and the AMSC TFSA. Both products provide a range of investment options with low fees.

If you would like to find out how these products could assist you in getting ready for retirement, contact AMSC Retirement Services.

--Source, Sun Life Financial

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For information on APEX, MuniSERP, Alberta Communities Pension Plan, AMSC Group RRSP, AMSC Tax Free Savings Account or general pension issues, please contact Bernie Gold, Director, Retirement Services by telephone at (780) 409-8125, toll free at 310-AUMA.

Thank you.

Wendy Graden
Executive Officer, HR Shared Services & Corporate

Bernie Gold
Director, Retirement Services


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