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June 13, 2012

Attention: AMSC Member– Please Distribute to Appropriate Personnel

How effectively do you manage your cash?

From taking a dream vacation to saving for retirement, achieving your financial goals depends on good cash management—and most of us could improve our skills in this area.

A chequing account is a common way to manage finances. This type of account shows immediately how you spend your money.

It is a “powerful reminder” of your spending habits and your available cash—but it is only a small part of cash management, Sun Life Financial advises.

“Cash management is really about how you manage your cash flow to meet your short-term needs and long-term goals,” it states. “You can’t reach your goals without a plan.”

The road map to reaching your long-term goals starts with the following:

  • Reviewing your current financial picture
  • Establishing a budget to monitor your spending and saving

If you have ever withdrawn a few hundred dollars from an ATM only to be short of cash a few days later, you will understand the need to review your current spending. You cannot organize your cash without a good sense of what you earn and spend. Try this:

  • Commit to keeping track of all your spending for one month
  • Keep a small note pad and pen handy, or use a digital device, to record every pack of gum and every coin in a meter

“Although it may seem tedious, this one-month commitment will start you on the road to financial freedom,” Sun Life states.

Once you know where your day-to-day money is spent, you can establish an annual budget including all your daily expenses as well as monthly and irregular expenses.

Here are more money-saving suggestions:

  • Pay off your credit cards: This is the most expensive debt most people have. Ask your bank about a debt consolidation plan. The loan interest will be far less than the credit card interest. Set up a timely repayment schedule and do not use the credit card until the debt is cleared.
  • Get the best deal from your bank: Online banking often has the lowest fees. Visit the Canadian Bankers Association website for tips. Use your own bank’s ATM.
  • Review your bills and pay them on time. Late fees are needless expenses. Avoid them by having your bank automatically debit from your bank account to pay your bills.
  • Pack a lunch and forgo that special coffee. Be aware of the cost of eating out. Packing a lunch costs far less.

--Source, Sun Life Financial

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Thank you.

Wendy Graden
Executive Officer, HR Shared
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Bernie Gold
Director, Retirement Services


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