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Elected Official Education Program


As an elected official, you face a number of challenges. The demanding arena of municipal politics requires you to continuously expand your knowledge and skills, staying current.

The diverse selection of Elected Officials Education Program (EOEP) courses, designed specifically for policy makers, will give you a solid foundation for leading your community, allowing you to be more relevant in your role as an elected official. Our courses will enable you to…

Develop the leadership skills necessary to formulate a clear vision, set priorities, address challenges and opportunities, and monitor the progress of key deliverables.

Demonstrate ethical leadership and promote good governance in decision making while working within both legislative and policy frameworks to strengthen council effectiveness and council-manager relations.

Apply strong leadership that helps address complex issues, foster sustainability, development and innovation, as well as develop and enhance policy to affect positive change.

Utilize interpersonal leadership skills to effectively manage stakeholder consultations and inspire others to build partnerships, resolve conflicts and meet objectives.
The new Elected Officials Education Program is a valuable opportunity for elected officials around the province. We want to provide good leadership to our citizens, to keep current as well as strategic, collaborative, and influential. Having the knowledge to meet the demands and challenges of governing in a complex environment makes us better leaders and role models for our communities.
Bob Hawkesworth, former President AUMA

The EOEP was developed to provide municipally elected officials with an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills, raising the quality of municipal government and enabling those in office to effectively achieve the goals of their community.

Providing a solid foundation for strong municipal government, the EOEP will:

  • Address issues that are important to municipal elected officials
  • Deliver knowledge and skills that improve decisions and policy
  • Create an interactive and engaging format that promotes networking and mentoring
  • Ensure accessibility throughout Alberta with an accommodating schedule and varied course locations

Learning from subject matter experts with proven success in their field enables you to confidently take action and positively impact your community. Our team of course developers and instructors:

  • Possess exceptional credentials and significant knowledge
  • Draw from extensive experience in both public and private sectors
  • Provide content that is relevant to today’s environment
  • Consider past and present issues, while anticipating future trends

Recognizing your commitment to improving the quality of municipal government. A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to elected officials who satisfactorily complete the following courses:

  • Municipal Finance
  • Municipal Governance
  • Two other Core Courses, and
  • Three Supplementary Courses

As a dedicated and committed advocate for your community members, your service is appreciated...your quest for excellence and life long learning is inspiring.

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