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AUMA recommendations

Provincial Affordable Housing Strategy

The Government of Alberta should develop a provincial housing needs assessment process that is more holistic and relevant than the current point scoring system.
Source: 2016 AUMA submission to the Provincial Consultation on an Affordable Housing Strategy

Inclusionary Zoning

Municipalities should be enabled to utilize inclusionary zoning as a method to assist the provincial government in the development of non-market housing in Alberta. Inclusionary zoning would allow municipalities to place requirements on developers to create a minimum ratio of affordable housing per development type and/or opt-out through a payment in lieu.
Source: 2015 joint submission by the AUMA and AAMDC on requested MGA changes.

AUMA is supportive of Bill 21’s amendments to enable the use of inclusionary zoning and request that the term ‘affordable housing’ be defined and that developers and the Government of Alberta should contribute towards the costs of the required offsets of inclusionary zoning and the costs of affordable housing. 
Source: 2016 joint submission by the AUMA and AAMDC on Bill 21: Modernized Municipal Government Act

Grants in Lieu

The Government of Alberta should establish grant in lieu payments as a statutory responsibility of the province in order to compensate for municipal services delivered to provincially-owned social housing properties. This can be accomplished by amending section 27(1) of the Alberta Housing Act by removing the word “may” from the clause and replacing it with “shall” and by deleting section 27(2).  
Source: 2015 AUMA resolution titled ‘Grants in Place of Taxes for Social Housing’


The Government of Alberta should:

  • continue to work collaboratively with local communities and organizations toward long-term strategies;
  • focus additional resources and strategies toward enhanced assertive supports for people declining access to housing first supports; and
  • target additional resources for emergency response strategies, including day supports, necessary to address the needs of Alberta’s entrenched in street homelessness.

Source: 2015 AUMA resolution titled ‘Enhanced Provincial and Municipal Homelessness Response’