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How municipalities can act

There are a variety of approaches that a municipality can take to address issues of housing affordability. Some municipalities may choose to invest their resources by advocating for support from the provincial and federal governments, others may focus their efforts on their local development policies, others may offer financial incentives to developers, or others may choose to build and operate their own housing facilities. Each municipality has significant flexibility and choice in who they want to support with housing and how they want to deliver that support.

A diverse housing stock will appeal to the diverse housing needs of all residents of a community. Single adults, families, and seniors may demand different types, sizes, or location of housing to meet their unique needs. Municipalities should be aware of its housing stock and whether there is an appropriate supply of different housing types to meet local demand. For instance, a community comprised entirely of single-family detached houses will be challenged to offer affordable accommodation for all residents as they transition through their stages of life. 

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