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Intermunicipal cooperation

The purpose of this page is to provide municipalities with constantly updated information, resources and tools that they will need to begin or continue effective working relationships with other municipalities. 

Member survey and research

Municipalities in proximity to each other almost inevitably share assets. They may have to rely on drinking water from the same source, deposit waste in the same landfill site, move traffic over roads that connect with each other or deal with any number of other such linkages. AUMA conducted research and a survey of membership on intermunicipal cooperation. This brief paper outlines the research and survey results.

Protocols and agreements

Municipalities across Alberta have developed collaboration protocols and agreements to guide their business activities in ways that reduce conflict. These links provide examples of such protocols and agreements in Alberta.

If you have participated in developing an inter-municipal cooperation agreement and are willing to share it with other municipalities, email us the agreement.

AAMDC/AUMA Rural/Urban cost-sharing task force tool kit

This report and toolkit, presented by the Rural/Urban Task Force, are the culmination of efforts from AAMDC and AUMA. The associations embraced an opportunity to demonstrate leadership in rural/urban cooperation, and have provided tools through this website to assist municipalities with the development of cost-sharing agreements. Learn more

Canadian resources for inter-municipal cooperation
Government resources to promote inter-municipal cooperation
Academic resources for inter-municipal cooperation