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Investing in Canada Program

Investing in Canada

Through the Investing in Canada plan, the Government of Canada is making historic new investments in infrastructure.

The Investing in Canada plan is based on three key objectives:

  • Create long-term economic growth
  • Support a low carbon, green economy
  • Build inclusive communities

To do this, the federal government is investing more than $180 billion over 12 years in five main infrastructure priorities:

  • Public Transit
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Trade & transportation Infrastructure
  • Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure

Investing in Canada – Alberta Funding

In April, the provincial government signed a bilateral agreement with the federal government outlining how $3.398 billion in infrastructure funding in Alberta will be allocated over ten years. The province has been clear that they could award all the projects in the first couple of years of the program.  The funding is not on a first-come-first-serve basis and will be rewarded based on criteria set by the province.

Application Information

The first round of applications opened on April 3, and closed on August 1, 2018. There were roughly 300 applications from a wide variety of stakeholders including non-profits, community groups, indigenous communities and municipalities. The  province has now indicated that they will be moving away from intake periods and will accept applications year round.  

There are four key funding streams in which municipalities can apply through for funding on the provinces website: public transit infrastructure, green infrastructure, rural and northern communities infrastructure, and community, culture and recreation infrastructure

Details about applications deadlines and funding streams can be found on the province’s Investing in Canada webpage.

Investing in Canada Resources

Below is a listing of resources, information, and links to help navigate the Investing in Canada program.

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Bilateral Agreement

Investing in Canada Information