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Land use planning webinar series 

AUMA has partnered with the Land Use Secretariat to host a land use planning webinar series to provide the opportunity for municipalities to learn more about and discuss the Land Use Framework and related policies and strategies. Information on upcoming webinars is available on AUMA’s events page.

Recordings of Past Webinars

Pulling in the same direction: Aligning land use decision making
Featuring an update on the status of regional plans, the requirement for municipal compliance with the plans that have been adopted and an overview of efficient use of land principles.

This old plan: Preserving Alberta’s history through land use planning
Featuring an overview of the assistance that the Historic Resources Branch of Alberta Culture can provide to municipalities in identifying potential historic resources when developing Area Structure plans and in meeting municipal obligations set out under the Historical Resources Act and Land Use Framework.

Living history: how municipalities can bring historic resources to life
Featuring information on the opportunities and tools available to municipalities to preserve and protect locally significant historic resources including lessons learned by the City through implementing their award winning Heritage Preservation Program.

To conserve and Protect: Implementing Alberta’s Wetland Policy
Featuring an update on implementation of the policy and how municipalities can support its implementation

Wetlands Why? What? When? Where? Who? How?
Featuring information from the province in response to municipal questions regarding Alberta’s Wetland Policy and the further details on role of municipalities in implementing it.

Planning related organizations


Organization Details/Resources

Alberta Land Institute

Alberta Land Institute (ALI) is an independent, non-partisan research institute based at the University of Alberta that connects research and policy for better land management.

ALI conducts and funds interdisciplinary academic research on land-use challenges in Alberta and Canada to develop and evaluate alternative policy options that consider social, economic and environmental perspectives.

ALI’s areas of study include municipal development, water, agriculture, and governance.

Alberta Professional Planners Institute

Regulated Professional Planners
The Alberta Professional Planners Institute (APPI) is a professional regulated organization under the provisions of the Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act of Alberta, responsible for certifying members to achieve "Right to Title" and thereby are legally entitled to use the Registered Professional Planner (RPP) designation.

APPI works to support its members so its professional planners can

  • Support civic leaders, business interests and citizens to envision new possibilities and consider the short and long term consequences of decisions facing the community
  • Lead in the development of innovations in regulation, programs and policy
  • Anticipate change to help communities synthesize and meet the challenges of growth and development
  • Design communities that create better choices for where and how people live and work
  • Strike a balance between public and private, individual and community interests

Cities Region Studies Centre (CRSC)

Research and community development
The CRSC is an innovative research and community engagement centre dedicated to sparking meaningful conversation and action in city-region planning, community development, governance and placemaking. Housed at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Extension, the CRSC engages rural and urban stakeholders to build sustainable, resilient communities.

Community Conserve

Community Conserve is a forum for Alberta municipalities to identify common environment and conservation issues, then pool their resources to address them. Municipalities are enabled to submit environmental/conservation ideas to the site, then vote on the best ideas they see. The ideas with the most votes are converted into project plans that can be crowd-funded. Completed projects are then cataloged on the website. Previous projects include an overview of how municipalities can manage and regulate brownfields and their redevelopment, and a comprehensive guide for conservation easements.

Community Planning Association of Alberta (CPAA)

Discussions on community planning
The CPAA is a volunteer-based organization that provides a forum for the discussion of community planning-related concepts, ideas, and issues with a view towards solutions.

Land Stewardship Centre (LSC) of Canada

LSC’s mission is to facilitate stewardship by improving understanding of healthy ecosystems, supporting community stewardship, and strengthening policies that affect resource use.

LSC’s core programs and services include:

Urban and Regional Planning Program University of Alberta  

Planning Degrees
The planning program educates students in the scientific, aesthetic, and orderly disposition of land, resources, facilities, and services with a view to securing the physical, economic and social efficiency, health and well-being of communities.

Urban Development Institute (UDI) Alberta

UDI is a non-profit, advocacy organizing representing the land development industry and professionals involved in the industry across Alberta.


Organization Details/Resource
Canada Walks

Walkability Resources
Walkability is an important emerging trend in municipal planning. Canada Walks has developed a series of resources that can assist municipalities including walkability case studies, toolkits, surveys, and reports.

Canadian Institute of Planners

Planning Professionals
The Canadian Institute of Planners works on behalf of over 6,300 planning professionals nation-wide, serving as the voice of Canada’s planning community.  Its members work in both the public service and the private sector, across fields such as land use planning, environmental resource management, land development, heritage conservation, social planning, transportation planning, and economic development.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities- Green Municipal Fund

Sustainability Planning Resources
The Federation of Canadian Municipalities has developed an extensive series of resources on sustainable community planning including case studies, tools and reports, webinars, videos, and interviews with municipal sustainability planning leaders across the country.

Natural Resources Canada Climate Change Adaptation Planning
Climate change is rapidly introducing new challenges for municipalities to address, leading to increasing emphasis on preparedness in municipal planning. The Government of Canada has assembled a series of resources for climate change adaptation planning on this website.
Nova Scotia Ministry of Municipal Affairs Planning Resources
The Province of Nova Scotia has assembled a list of planning resources that can assist municipalities with geographical information systems, demographic changes, and urban development in rural areas. While this site is tailored for Nova Scotia municipalities, communities in Alberta often face similar issues and may benefit from this information.
Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs

Land Use Issues and Trends
The Ministry has developed a Land Use Planning website with detailed descriptions of many current issues and trends in planning such as brownfields, smart growth, healthy community planning, and more. While information is tailored to the Ontario planning system, these descriptions are a good introduction to many issues and trends that planners in Alberta address.


Organization  Details/Resources
Smart   Growth Online 

Smart Growth Clearing House
The Smart Growth Information Clearinghouse  provides information on relevant news, events, funding opportunities, awards and resources to help communities pursue development choices that deliver environmental, economic, public health and quality of life benefits. The goal of the clearinghouse is to support local decision-making that fosters healthy, resilient, and economically vibrant communities.

The clearinghouse is also the virtual home of the Smart Growth Network, a nationally recognized coalition of leadership organizations that have formally endorsed the principles of smart growth.