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Additional Action Resources to Assist Your Municipality with Sustainability Planning

Diversity and Local Productivity.  Create a flourishing and diverse local economy through decisions that create conditions conducive to economic development and communities in which people want to live and work.

The Path to an Economy of Well-being, Happiness and Genuine Wealth – A presentation on measuring wealth by happiness. Presented at Pathways to Sustainability in Cochrane, AB on May 21, 2009.

Smart Budget - A Background Paper on Environmental Pricing Reform for Local Governments

Transparent and Inclusive.  Ensuring transparent, collaborative, and inclusive decision making in which representation and leadership is accountable to the community.

Embedding Sustainability in Organizational Culture - Simon Fraser University and The Network for Business Sustainability have produced a framework for embedding sustainability in organizational culture. Designed for executives, senior HR managers and senior sustainability managers, it presents a portfolio of practices—both those practices that the research has shown to be effective and those that show potential but remain untested.

The framework will help you implement a portfolio approach to embedding sustainability in your organization’s culture. The framework groups the practices that help build and support sustainability in organizations into four different categories: fostering commitment; clarifying expectations; building momentum for change, and instilling capacity for change.

Working Across Boundaries - Regional planning and partnership models are being developed across many jurisdictions in Canada.  Models and processes for successful collaboration are being created to serve the vast interest of those involved.  Working Across Boundaries provides the reader with several principles to help people think and act regionally. 

Partnerships - Here are two resources that provide the reader with insight into the development of “Partnerships”

Public Input Toolkit for Municipalities - Citizen engagement/participation is sought in support of the decision-making process of municipalities this Public Input Toolkit for Municipalities provides information and describes processes used in municipal decision making.

Natural and Built Environment.  Protecting and improving natural resources and biodiversity.  Efficient use of resources now and in the future in the built environment and service provision.  Living in a way that minimizes the negative environmental impact and enhances positive impact.

Land Stewardship Centre of Canada - Tools to Help Restore Ecological Processes in Alberta’s Built Environments

Waste Management – Visit the AUMA Hub on Waste Management to learn more on how to move towards a vision of zero-waste.

Water Management – Visit the AUMA Hub on Water Management to learn about water conservation and management.

Harmonious and Inclusive.  Allowing the growth of communities in a way that promotes stability, diversity, affordability, and a high quality of life for all.

Welcoming & Inclusive Communities – Is a partnership between the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) and the Government of Alberta to support municipalities to implement policies and practices to help overcome issues of racism and discrimination. The goal of the WIC initiative is to create communities where all residents and visitors enjoy a sense of belonging and where diversity adds to the social and economic vibrancy of the community and improves the quality of life for all residents.

Cooperative Sustainable Housing Tool Kit and Business Plan - The Bonnyville Affordable Housing Association to develop an innovative affordable housing co-op model for rural Alberta communities with a project they named A Three Little Pigs Housing Cooperative. During the project they worked with industry to incorporate green technologies in housing design to reduce utility and maintenance costs.

Identity and Sense of Place.  Celebrating vibrant and festive communities for the expression and enhancement of a distinct identity and strong sense of place.

Municipal Heritage Partnership Program - Creating a Future for Alberta’s Historic Places, Alberta Culture, and Community Spirit. A resource binder will assist municipalities with identifying, evaluating, and managing historic sites. Included are several tools and sample forms that can support the development and conservation of historic places. 

The Common Ground: Aboriginal Relationship Agreement Framework Facilitator’s Toolkit -Was created by the Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association, in partnership with AUMA, to share the Common Ground process with all Alberta Friendship Centres, Municipal governments, and other interested stakeholders. Its purpose is to promote and support Aboriginal relationship building initiatives across Alberta using a concept built on traditional Aboriginal perspectives, customs, and processes. The toolkit is a collection of best practices, and/or discoveries, strategies, tools, and resources. It provides a comprehensive guide for planning, implementing, and evaluating a Common Ground initiative in any community.