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Public Engagement and Social Media Resource Guides

Public Engagement and Social Media Resource Guides

AUMA and RMA have worked together to update the Public Engagement Guide and companion Templates Workbook to align with the newest requirements of the MGA. As of July 2018, every Alberta municipality is required to have a publicly available Public Participation Policy.

These tools will provide the user with practical advice and tools to support effective public engagement. They have been created to help all sizes of municipalities but may be especially beneficial for smaller municipalities.  They have been developed to be applicable to both elected officials and municipal administration.

In addition, The Public Participation Policies and Public Notification: A Guide for Municipalities includes a Public Participation Policy Template and a Public Notification Bylaw Template, have been developed to support municipalities with the recent changes to the MGA. Along with the requirement to adopt a Public Participation Policy, as of July 23, 2018 municipalities are now able to amend their processes for advertising statutory notices by bylaw to suit their communities’ needs. These tools will assist municipalities in their processes and encourage them to work with their residents and stakeholders to understand how they want to be engaged and involved in municipal decision making.

How do these tools fit together?