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Asset management

Asset management is the process of looking at the life cycle of all the assets in a municipality to develop information about future maintenance, new development and the capacity to resource. Though asset management applies to a broader set of infrastructure considerations than just, it is still important to highlight the critical role it plays in the viability of municipal water systems.

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AUMA policy on asset management

AUMA’s 2012 Municipal Water Policy includes the following policy statements pertaining to asset management:

  • AUMA will work with the Government of Alberta, municipalities and other partners to help build the capacity of municipalities to implement a strategic asset management system that applies financial, technical, economic and other information to the management of physical assets with the objective of providing the required level of service in the most effective manner. AUMA and AMSC will explore options to provide municipalities with programs and services for reducing water losses from water distribution systems and inflow and infiltration in wastewater collection systems.

See our Policy Overview page for more information on AUMA’s water policies.