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2017 Municipal Inclusion Symposium Report
On March 16-17, 2017 the AUMA and the Alberta Human Rights Commission hosted a Municipal Inclusion Symposium in Edmonton. The event brought municipal administrators, elected officials and selected guests together to present, share, and learn about the initiatives that Alberta municipalities are involved in to create more welcoming and inclusive communities. The report summarizes the ideas and strategies discussed by participants and highlights the key outcomes of the event. 

2014 Come Together Alberta Conference Report
On February 6th and 7th 2014, municipalities, businesses, community organizations, academic institutions and other stakeholders met in Calgary to dialogue, learn and share best practices on making Alberta communities more welcoming and inclusive of diverse populations. Participating organizations learned how they can play a role in building vibrant, sustainable communities that are inclusive of all residents. To view the conference video, click here.

2012 Needs Assessment Report
In 2012, AUMA conducted a needs assessment to determine the current state and needs of municipalities in regards to immigration and working with newcomers. Fifty municipalities participated in the assessment, which led to findings that municipalities want to be involved in attracting immigrants, supporting settlement and integration, or building a welcoming and inclusive community. The Needs Assessment Report illustrates how AUMA’s WIC initiative has offered value to municipalities and where there are opportunities to improve.

2011 Come Together Alberta Conference Report
In December 2011, representatives from over 20 municipalities gathered in Edmonton to discuss how to create communities that foster the wellbeing of newcomers and the communities they settle in. Come Together Alberta brought together municipal officials and staff, community organizations and government representatives to share experiences and take home cutting-edge knowledge about working with newcomers. Attendees were introduced to new frameworks for thinking about inclusion, innovative ideas for community projects and municipal policy, and a number of resource materials they can draw on to support their work.