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Multi-Year Provincial Block Funding for Affordable Housing

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Resolution Category: 
Adopted - Expired
Edmonton, City of
Active Clauses: 

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Government of Alberta renew its commitment to provide Block Funding for Housing to jurisdictions under a multi-year plan that will follow the expiration of the current commitment ending in early 2010.

Whereas Clauses: 

WHEREAS the demand for affordable housing across Alberta has increased over the last few years due to increases in rental rates and housing costs outpacing increases in the incomes of lower and middle income households, thereby reducing housing affordability for those households;

WHEREAS in April 2007, the Government of Alberta approved $285 million in new funding for housing for 2007/08 to address immediate pressures as identified in “Housing First: An Investment with Return in Prosperity,” the Alberta Affordable Housing Task Force Report;

WHEREAS in May 2008, the Government of Alberta announced $112.4 million in block funds for affordable housing projects to 37 municipalities and a provincial block fund in anticipated for 2009 with a three-year funding plan ending at the end of the current provincial fiscal year in early 2010;

WHEREAS a number of municipalities are finding that the demand for capital funding assistance for affordable housing to meet the existing backlog and further projected affordable housing need far exceeds the provincial funding provided;

WHEREAS several Alberta municipalities have identified the need for long-term sustained funding from the Province to plan over a number of years methods to meet affordable housing needs at the local level, in partnership with other orders of government, affordable housing providers and the community; and

WHEREAS allocation of provincial funds for the provision of affordable housing should be provided based on core housing need.

Government Response: 

Jun 16, 2010 - Seniors and Community Supports

Housing and Urban Affairs has primary responsibility for funding Affordable Housing. Seniors and Community Supports has responsibility for funding supportive living accommodation. The 2010/2011 Capital Funding Initiative includes $55 million from provincially funded Affordable Supportive Living Initiative (ASLI) program and $50 million from Alberta Capital Bonds, for a total of $1-05 million from the Government of Alberta and leveraging an even greater community investment to enhance seniors’ accommodations.  This funding will build on the Continuing Care Strategy – Aging in the Right Place, enabling more low- and moderate-income Alberta seniors and persons with disabilities to remain in their communities longer.

Including the recently announced 2010 Capital Funding Initiative, over 9,500 affordable supportive living units have been funded by Alberta Seniors and Community Supports since 1999 through grants totaling over $520 million.

AUMA Notes: 

AUMA accepts this response.