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Budget 2019

The Government of Alberta's Budget 2019 was released on Thursday, October 24. The MacKinnon Report set the stage for a budget of restraint, which was confirmed by Premier Kenney at AUMA's 2019 Convention, and that is what was delivered.

How might Alberta's municipalities be impacted?

What does it mean for infrastructure funding and police resources?

What does it mean for services?

What does it suggest for April’s Budget 2020?

AUMA’s team of experienced analysts has examined the budget and has released its preliminary findings of what it means for Alberta's municipalities.

Webinar and Q&A session:

To help Alberta's municipalities better understand the potential implications of Budget 2019, and to hear your reactions, we hosted a webinar at 2 p.m. on Friday, October 25. Due to a limited number of available connections, the webinar was exclusive to municipalities.

Thank you to all our participants for your excellent questions. We're in the process of compiling those questions we weren't able to answer during the webinar and seeking clarity from the provincial government.

When we get more details, we'll post updates here and let members know through Digest and social media.

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