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Budget 2020

The Government of Alberta's Budget 2020 was released on Thursday, February 27. AUMA’s team of experienced analysts is examining the budget and will release preliminary findings of how Budget 2020 will affect municipalities.

AUMA is keen to see the acknowledgment of several priority items reflected in the 2020 Budget, including:

  • Municipalities cannot absorb any further cutbacks or additional costs without significantly increasing taxes or cutting back essential services after already adjusting to funding cutbacks and program changes introduced in the provincial budget last fall.
  • Now is the time to invest in maintaining Alberta’s infrastructure. Prices are relatively low and Alberta’s private construction firms are struggling to hang on through this extended downturn.
  • The 4% increase of the education tax requisition in 2020-21 will occur at the same time as provincial education spending is frozen. This increase is unacceptable to municipalities and ratepayers.

You can find more details on these items here, and in AUMA's letter to Premier Kenney.

Webinar and Q&A session:

To help Alberta's municipalities better understand the potential implications of Budget 2020, and to hear your reactions, we hosted a webinar on Friday, February 28. Due to a limited number of available connections, the webinar was exclusive to municipalities. Watch it on our YouTube channel

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