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Employee Benefits

Our commitment to our members

You deserve high performance and value from your group benefits plan no matter how large or small your organization might be.

At AMSC, we are dedicated to industry-leading service, and we are committed to providing innovating products and technology-based solutions to help you reach your goals. We set our standards high, constantly measuring performance so that you and your employees receive great value and service, every day.

Let us work with you to build the benefits program that fits you and your organization’s needs.

Benefit plans including workplace wellness and disability management programs can help your organization support employee health, recruitment and retention strategies, and address absenteeism, presenteeism, and rising costs.

Our programs offer a customizable, innovative approach to providing the support your employees need, when they need it. Whether you’re looking for basic solutions or a comprehensive, long-term plan—we’re ready to partner with you to meet the complexities of managing wellness and disability.

AMSC's success is rooted in economies of scale offered through aggregate and regular market evaluations. Protecting a group of more than 14,000 employees allows us to negotiate competitive rates on your behalf.

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Sun Life Financial is AMSC's group benefits partner

Employee information: Sun Life

Here is a sample of available options:

Basic group life insurance

Basic group life

Group Life Insurance is available at many levels. Coverage is based on the plan design chosen by each organization.

Dependent life

Family life insurance is a priority for many employees. There are five levels of protection available for immediate family members to meet a variety of needs.

Optional employee and spousal life insurance

Optional employee and spousal life insurance is available to regular employees and elected officials with your municipality, provided they are also insured under the Basic Group Life Insurance program. In addition to regular employees and elected officials, the optional life insurance coverage is also available for spousal coverage.

Accidental death and dismemberment

No one can predict when or where an accident might happen. But serious accidents can jeopardize your retirement plans, children's education plans or your ability to meet your regular financial obligations. While you may not be able to predict or prevent accidents, you can protect yourself with insurance.

We offer many levels of accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and coverage is based on the plan design chosen by each organization.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage is an inexpensive way to protect yourself and your family in the event of death or serious injury. Your benefit would pay a lump-sum amount to you (in the case of injury) or to your beneficiaries (in the case of death). Optional AD&D insurance is paid in addition to your life insurance—it is not paid for death due to natural causes and is therefore not a replacement for life insurance. Coverage is available on an employee or employee and family basis, with coverage levels that can increase depending on your personal needs.

Group health / dental benefits

Extended health

Extended health care is available for regular employees, elected officials, returning seasonal and contract employees and includes:

  • Prescription drug coverage reimbursement or direct-pay drug card
  • Emergency out of country medical coverage
  • Other eligible coverage including such areas as semi-private hospital, ambulance, paramedical practitioners, and medical devices


Dental Care is available for regular employees, elected officials, returning seasonal and contract employees. Benefits include:

  • Basic preventative dentistry
  • Dentures
  • Major restorative services
  • Orthodontics

The plan uses a modular approach to facilitate customization of plan coverage components, reimbursement levels and maximums.

Vision care

Within the Extended Health Care program, vision care is available for regular employees, elected officials, returning seasonal and contract employees. Coverages include:

  • Reimbursement vision benefit (conventional lenses and frames inclusive of prescription sunglasses, and prescription safety glasses with single vision, bifocal or trifocal lenses) in any 12 month period for a dependant under the age 18, or any 24 month period for a dependant over the age 18
  • Laser eye surgery up to the maximum benefit
  • Discounts available through Preferred Vision Services

Group disability benefits

If an employee becomes disabled, his or her personal savings, loans or spousal income may not provide sufficient resources for maintaining the basic necessities of life. Our group disability insurance benefits provide employees with a source of income should they meet the definition of disability and be unable to work for certain periods of time.

Disability insurance coverage provides income replacement for plan members who are unable to work due to injury or illness, and can replace 55-70 per cent of an employee's earnings.

We offer two group disability plans:

  • Short term disability: if you become unable to work for a short period of time due to an illness or injury, STD benefits provide you with a weekly income replacement for up to six months depending on your plan.

  • Long term disability: if you become unable to work for a prolonged period of time due to an illness or injury, LTD benefits provide you with monthly income replacement. Employees are covered to age 65.

Group critical illness and optional critical illness

If serious illness interrupts your life, don't let worries about money get in the way of getting better. Critical illness insurance provides a tax-free cash payment to spend any way you need.
We offer group critical illness plans and an optional voluntary critical illness plan. Insurance is available through your group benefits plan.


Employee & Family Assistance Program

An employee assistance program helps your employees, and their families, effectively manage work and life issues. It offers resources to resolve problems, feel better and prevent future problems.

This program, with our partner Shepell•fgi, provides confidential counselling as well as other resources in the following areas:

Personal well-being Health care Addictions
Child and elder care Legal Financial
Relationships and family issues Workplace challenges Nutrition

 EFAP subscribers also receive access to an exclusive offering from LifeSpeak

The challenges facing both employers and employees may change, but the principle remains the same: promoting employee health strengthens an organization across the board. Implementing an EFAP creates positive outcomes, the most common are:

  • Greater staff retention (recruiting costs go down, commitment goes up)
  • Reduced disability costs (STD, LTD, WCB rates go down, well-being goes up)
  • Lower staff absenteeism (sick time goes down, contribution goes up)
  • Heightened workplace wellness (negativity goes down, energy goes up)
  • Maximized productivity (wasted/lost time goes down, profits go up)
  • Minimized disruption (distraction goes down, quality goes up

* Employers that participate in the EFAP program qualify for a 5% reduction in LTD rates

Other value-added benefits


This option provides employees facing a disability situation with support that is uniquely designed for them. The service provides navigational support, assistance with filling out claims forms, engaging supportive resources and general assistance to help better understand and work towards a resolution of the disability. It also assists with transition to return to work or to long term disability.

Best Doctors

Best Doctors is a valued-added service to subscribers of short and/or long term disability coverage.

e2r Solutions

We understand the challenges confronting municipalities in today’s marketplace. We also know that ensuring your HR decisions are fully compliant with best practices and current employment legislation is critical to maintaining a productive workplace. 

AMSC is pleased to announce our new partnership with  e2r®. Through this partnership, AMSC provides members with access to a revolutionary and unique approach to specialized human resources, employment and labour law. We can help to enrich and support your HR team by providing you with both a human resources and legal perspective to ensure that decisions and actions are right the first time.

If you are an AMSC Employee Benefits Program participant, this service is available at no additional cost.

Online document portal

Membership includes access a library of document resources for download, customized to your organization, and includes resources for employment lifecycle situations including, but not limited to: vacation, workplace fraud, health and safety, disciplinary matters, performance management, overtime, privacy, probationary periods, application forms, and termination. As well as customizable forms and letters, the library includes comprehensive guides on familiar workplace situations, recorded e2r e-learning sessions, and toolkits.

Advisory support

A toll-free hotline gives members access to a team of employment/labour lawyers and senior HR professionals who can provide advice, strategy, and necessary documentation to assist in managing employment and human resources matters.

Group accident insurance and group critical illness

Group accident insurance

We have partnered with Volunteer Firefighter Insurance Services to offer Group Accident Insurance. This coverage is available to participating members to provide coverage for elected officials, board members, employees, outside employees, volunteer fire personnel, volunteer ambulance personnel, full-time fire personnel and municipal volunteers. Group accident insurance coverage may be used as standalone coverage or in conjunction with an existing employee benefits plan to supplement coverage.

Group critical illness insurance

Critical illness insurance is a supplemental product that can lift the burden of the financial and emotional stress associated with a critical illness. It allows the victim and his/her family to continue to lead their lives in as normal a way as possible. It is a product for the living, providing living benefits. This differs from typical life or accident insurance plans, which provide benefits when an insured person dies.

Medical evidence or proof of good health is not required for this coverage. Premiums are based on an annual data for each participating member and require a minimum level of administration from participating members.

Retiree health, dental and life

The employee benefits team is committed to providing your retiring employees with access to superior benefits coverage.

As an AMSC employee benefits participant, your retirees are eligible to participate in the AMSC Retiree Health and Dental Plan.* There are a number of plan design options that can be customized to meet the needs of the retiree. We also offer the AMSC Retiree Life Insurance Plan.**

*Plan is sponsored by the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association and administered by the Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan.
**Plan administered by Sun Life.