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Cyber & Privacy Liability

If your organization uses a computer network for business operations, particularly if you handle or collect data or confidential information, Cyber & Privacy Liability is for you.

Cyber attacks or data breach incidents are frequently in the headlines and the damage can be significant. Cyber & Privacy Liability can provide coverages that many traditional forms of insurance are unable to.

Here are some of the ways you are protected:

Data breaches

  • Protection for claims arising from:
    • an actual or alleged failure of computer security to prevent or mitigate a computer attack
    • a disclosure or mishandling of confidential information
    • the intentional acts of rogue employees and vicarious liability for a privacy breach by third-party vendors or business process outsourcing firms
  • Coverage for the costs associated with complying with privacy breach notification statutes, including legal and forensic.
  • Coverage for defense of regulatory actions, including affirmative coverage for certain assessed fines and penalties.

Business interruption

  • Reimbursement for lost revenue, including extra expense, resulting from a failure of technology, computer system outage, or cyber attack
  • Coverage can be expanded to include contingent business interruption due to a failure of your vendor.

Crisis management

  • Funding public relations and crisis management in connection with any crisis event relating to a failure of computer security or breach of privacy resulting in a loss or claim under the policy.

All AMSC Insurance & Risk Services clients have Cyber & Privacy Liability included in their insurance coverage at no extra cost.

To learn more or to increase your coverage and limits, contact our knowledgeable Insurance Consultants.