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Insurance claims

It is recommended that your organization has a policy in place to ensure all reported claims are dealt with, and should at least include:

  • A procedure for reporting complaints.
    • a description of how complaints will be dealt with:
    • corrective actions to be taken for specific problems (can refer to other policies)
    • how complaints will be prioritized, taking into consideration other routine maintenance and inspections.
    • never ignore a complaint.
  • A procedure for documenting complaints and corrective measures (including the reason for not taking action, if that is the case).
  • How your organization will take action to correct or take all other reasonable steps to prevent a loss as a result of the reported problem. 

Reporting your claim

  • If a reported incident will likely result in a claim, report your claim as soon as possible.
  • If you receive a Statement of Claim from an injured party, submit it immediately, there is a very limited period of time in which to respond to the statement of claim.
  • If applicable, we will provide a proof of loss form that is to be completed.
  • Maintain documentation of all monetary costs related to the claim (repair work, hospital bills, lost income, etc.

Claim Forms