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Community Engagement: Contexts and Processes

The University of Alberta Faculty of Extension is offering Community Engagement: Contexts and Processes (EXCES1501) beginning January 9,  2018, for 13 weeks.

The course will cover key concepts in community engagement and the importance of collaboration in creating innovative solutions to social, economic, and environmental issues. Participants will become familiar with community engagement in many contexts and explore processes that promote sustainable relationships with diverse communities, including government, corporations, educational institutions, professions, non-profit and charitable organizations, community groups, media, Aboriginal communities, youth, interest groups, and other public and stakeholders, as determined by student interest and experience.  Cost is $635.

Register online or call Carrie at 780-492-7237.

Carrie Sawatsky
Indigenous Programs & Community Engagement Studies

Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta
10230 - Jasper Avenue
Edmonton AB  T5J 4P6

Phone: 780-492-7237

Jan 9, 2018
Time of Event: 
Starts January 9 for 13 weeks
To Register: 

Register online or call Carrie at 780-492-7237.

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