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Webinar: FCM ‘Toward Parity to Encourage Women’s Involvement in Municipal Politics’

AUMA and RMA are excited to announce to all members an opportunity to participate in FCM’s Toward Parity in Municipal Politics (TPMP) webinar consultation on April 1, 2019, from noon-1:30 pm MT

TPMP is an FCM initiative aimed at achieving gender parity in municipal politics (or at least 30 % by 2026) across the country. AUMA and RMA have been participating on the National Working Group with FCM for the past several months. At this stage of the process, FCM is opening consultations for broader input and welcomes diverse perspectives from all genders to provide robust data.

The webinar consultation will look for responses to issues outlined below:

  1. Prioritization of critical barriers to women’s participation in municipal government
  2. Key actions or initiatives that can be undertaken to address the top one or two barriers on:
    • Individual level
    • Municipal level
    • Regional level
    • National level
  3. Identification of tools, policies, training and other mechanisms to effectively support the proposed initiatives.

All this information will help to develop FCM’s pan-Canadian strategy to address barriers faced by women in municipal politics.

Registration is limited so register today!

Apr 1, 2019
Time of Event: 
Noon - 1:30 pm MST
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