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From advocating on evolving legislation to well-managed boards, we take a structured and strategic approach to change.

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Regulatory Changes

While the Municipal Government Act (MGA) sets out overarching powers and responsibilities for municipalities, regulations provide details as to how the Act will be implemented in practice. The MGA review processes often involve the review and creation of a number of regulations. AUMA prioritizes these regulations for municipal impact and provides detailed input to the province on key changes.

Legislative Amendments

Bill 48, 2020: Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act (No. 2)

The second set of red tape reduction changes to the MGA are outlined in Bill 48 which was introduced in the Legislature on November 16, 2020. The amendments are focused on Parts 17 and 17.1 of the Act and address:

AUMA and the MGA Review

Red Tape Reduction Review of the MGA 

In 2019, the provincial government signalled its intent to make substantive changes to the MGA as part of its Red Tape Reduction Initiative. Municipal Affairs identified some easy changes to the MGA that could be made, based on the Municipal Accountability Program (MAP) and some early red tape reduction suggestions received by the government (e.g. through their public website). MAP reviews municipal processes and procedures to help develop knowledge of mandatory legislative requirements.

MGA Change Management Resources

With the support of Municipal Affairs, AUMA and the Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) are collaborating to provide change management resources to support municipalities in implementing new requirements under the revised Municipal Government Act (MGA)

Based on input from members, AUMA and RMA have developed tools that focus on intermunicipal collaboration, code of conduct and public participation requirements. 

Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks


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