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Chief Administrative Officer

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Executive Opportunities
Town of Fort Macleod
Job Description : 

The Town of Fort Macleod is a community of 3200, located in the Municipal District of Willow Creek No. 26 at the intersection of Highway 2 and Highway 3, on the Oldman River−165 km south of Calgary. Poised for growth, rooted in history, and positioned to take advantage of the emerging economy. Fort Macleod is strategically located to benefit from the overflow of the growth of Calgary and Lethbridge.

The liveability of the town is unmatched, from the temperate climate, recreational opportunities and friendly people to high calibre health care and education. Fort Macleod's deep history and pride is apparent in the historic Empress Theatre and Main Street, the Fort Museum of the North West Mounted Police and the 1884 NWMP Barracks. The Town also has hockey and curling rinks, a brand-new outdoor pool, River Valley Wilderness Park, the Oldman River, an Agriplex, and the majestic Rocky Mountains just to the west. The Town administration is in a new building, which they share with the local school district.
For more information please visit www.fortmacleod.com

The Opportunity – Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

The Town of Fort Macleod has 25 FTE’s, with additional seasonal staff, and an operating budget of $9 million. The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is responsible for the overall administration of municipal operations in accordance with the objectives, policies and plans approved by the Council. The CAO is responsible for directing, controlling, and coordinating the activities of the various town departments.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • coordinate and direct presentations by administrative staff to Council on policy proposals and ongoing municipal operations making recommendations thereon where appropriate;
  • ensure the Council receives such information and reports as it requires to make effective policy decisions and monitor the effectiveness of administrative operations;
  • attend or be represented by their designee, at all meetings of Council, Committee Meetings, Boards and Commissions appointed by Council, and assist in the decision making process by providing advice, guidance and consultation, as required;
  • report to the Council on the effectiveness of its policies and programs and recommend changes thereto to achieve Council’s objectives;
  • co-ordinate, direct and supervise the implementation of the policies and programs of the Council, reporting regularly of the progress thereon to the Council;
  • communicate with the Mayor, and the Department Heads in preparation of Agendas for Council meetings;
  • keep the Mayor informed of the day to day operations of the Town which, in the Chief Administrative Officer’s opinion, should be familiar to the Mayor;
  • enforce or cause to be enforced all By-Laws and resolutions of the Town;
  • catalogue the policies of the Council and ensure that information concerning these polices are distributed to and understood by relevant senior administrative officials;
  • review the Town’s organization and departmental structure regularly and recommend to Council changes to improve operating effectiveness or efficiency;
  • cause the development of satisfactory procedures concerning budget preparation and financial reporting of the Town’s revenues and expenditures, including:
    • preparation and submission to the Council of annual budgets with appropriate explanations and substantiating information, with cost reductions and eliminations effected where possible, without changing established programs;
    • quarterly reports to the Council of the Town revenue and expenditure reports compared with the approved budget with explanations of significant variations and account reallocations;
    • report to Council any other matter, either administrative or financial, that relates to the control of the Town’s affairs, which in the Chief Administrative Officer’s opinion should be reported to Council.
  • ensure the efficient procurement and safekeeping of goods and services for which funds are provided within the budget;
  • in compliance with any union contract that Council of the Town of Fort Macleod have by resolution adopted, ensure the development of comprehensive personnel policies and programs covering the selection, compensation, development, retention, appraisal and placement of Town employees;
  • shall bring forth recommendations re non-union employees;
  • appoint, promote, demote, transfer, or dismiss, except as delegated;
  • act on the union negotiating committee representing Council to recommend to Council positions concerning wages, salaries, fringe benefits, and working conditions;
  • perform liaison with other local governments and the Provincial Government when required;
  • ensure the prompt and proper handling by the administration of all requests, enquiries and complaints by residents of the Town, including the establishment of Town policies and procedures for dealing with complaints;
  • keep informed about governmental and community affairs and ensure that the Council and Town employees are made aware of significant trends;
  • perform other duties as may be required by the Council;
  • the Chief Administrative Officer shall have the authority to make public statements where such statements do not contravene policy established by Council;
  • it is the responsibility of the Chief Administrative Officer to be kept fully informed of the transaction of all Committees, Boards and Commissions authorized by Council and to further provide co-ordination with committees outside the scope of Council legislative power, but pertinent to the daily operation of Town business;
  • where a matter is not covered by terms of the By-Law and the Chief Administrative Officer deems it proper and expedient to implement changes, he/she may make such recommendations to Council as may be appropriate; and
  • Council may, by resolution, make such policy changes as are necessary.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

The Chief Administrative Officer will assist the Town, the Mayor and Council, staff, and residents to realize its potential by positively dealing with the following challenges:

  • develop strong, collaborative and productive working relationships with local businesses and industry, provincial government and neighboring municipalities as well as community based organizations and agencies;
  • increase awareness of Fort Macleod focusing on attracting people and businesses to the community; by continuing to build a positive image regarding Fort Macleod’s unique location, strong agricultural and industry base and its excellent community facilities and lifestyle;
  • provide leadership, initiative and support to the Town including:
    • economic development projects;
    • infrastructure development and improvement(including housing);
    • information systems and technological advancements;
  • continue building a strong municipal administrative team that capitalizes on the wealth of skills available in the administration in order to provide pro-active, energetic leadership and management to all municipal functions and a dynamic service oriented reputation and image;
  • facilitate community growth and development within the guidelines of the Strategic Plan while managing with existing financial and human resources through encouraging productivity improvement and efficiency measures;
  • continue providing strong support, leadership and vision to all municipal strategic and corporate planning processes that promotes improvement of municipal programs and services;
  • develop an atmosphere of trust and open communication amongst all segments of the municipal system including Council, Boards, Committees and residents;
  • help the municipality hold its taxes while maintaining its scope of services and improving efficiency and effectiveness of those services;
  • develop positive labour relations atmosphere and relationship with the Town’s union;
  • develop systems to improve the cooperation and relationship with other municipalities and districts where joint ventures are possible.

The Person

  • Post-secondary education, ongoing professional development and a CLGM designation is preferred.
  • Municipal sector experience, with a minimum of 5 years as CAO and/or senior level management experience (Director/General Manager) is preferred.
  • Commitment to residing and being active and visible in the community.
  • Demonstrated record of working effectively with elected officials, volunteers boards and committees and public participation processes and policy and service delivery;
  • Proven experience in strategic planning, organization development and in achieving results in building team and labour relations;
  • Experience in implementing capital works and infrastructure improvement programs.
  • A combination of municipal experience and leadership roles in other complex sectors will also be considered.

Attributes & Competencies

Leadership Skills – Demonstrates honesty, humility and integrity through their leadership style, giving guidance and support, acting as a mentor and positive role model. Fosters a safe culture of empowerment and trust, encouraging employee engagement. Leads by example with an engaging and respectful style, developing and nurturing strong relationships.

Management Skills – Proven record of being able to inspire, direct and evaluate people and activities of a complex organization. Excellent conflict resolutions skills. Sets objectives which are specific and clearly communicated, measurable, realistically achievable, and time targeted, and holding people accountable for their results. A collaborator who seeks out, appreciates, and acknowledges input from others.

Visionary – Understands and interprets social, economic and political trends and issues facing municipalities. Innovative, open -minded and willing to explore new ideas and approaches.

Human Resource Management – Supportive leader who demonstrates empathy and emotional intelligence with the ability to bring diverse individuals, departments and program initiatives together. Consensus builder, but able to make the tough decisions when necessary. Ability to balance directing staff and trusting their judgement and actions.

Financial Management, Corporate and Strategic Planning – Leads with a strong sense of service, urgency and accountability in all financial planning, budgeting, and management reporting. A proven ability to work in challenging fiscal environments. Strong business and financial acumen to assist in economic development, housing and recreation opportunities and other initiatives related to the Town’s anticipated growth.

Strong Communication and Interpersonal Skills – Builds trust through clear, concise and positive communication. Relationship builder who works collaboratively with others and is sensitive to diverse needs of staff, council, business, the community and other municipalities. Possesses an honest, open and consistent approach to working with people. Highly ethical, forthright and transparent.

Volunteer Service - Presents a strong commitment to comprehensive community services, a demonstrated belief in voluntarism and a willingness to be visible in the community.

Politically Astute – Ensures high level of confidentiality and decorum at all times. Possesses an intuitive ability to read the political implications of recommendations and actions. Demonstrates a senior executive personal style with professional presence.

Customer Service – Confidence in ensuring customer needs are identified and addressed; ensuring appropriate consultation with all stakeholders and deliver timely, cost effective and quality service. Simplifies often complex and lengthy matters and runs an administration that is highly service oriented.

Volunteer Service - Presents a strong commitment to comprehensive community services, a demonstrated belief in voluntarism and a willingness to be visible in the community.

Politically Astute - Knows and understands legislative and regulatory processes and has an intuitive ability to read the political implications of recommendations and actions.

Customer Service – Confidence in ensuring customer needs are identified and addressed; ensuring appropriate consultation with all stakeholders and timely, cost effective and quality service. Simplifies often complex and lengthy matters and runs an administration that is service oriented.

A competitive compensation package including an attractive base salary and excellent benefits will be discussed in a personal interview.

Closing Date: 
November 12, 2021
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