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General Manager

Job Type: 
Management / Administration
Rocky View Water Co-Op Ltd.
Job Description : 

The General Manager position reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for the following key areas:

Board Governance

  • Serve as a resource to the Board of Directors in the creation and execution of the strategic plan
  • Apprise Board of significant issues relevant to achieving the goal of providing high quality water reliably to its members
  • Work closely with the board to modernize and enhance governance processes and structure
  • Provide guidance and advice to the Board on process issues such as establishing and interpreting terms of reference, decision-making and accountability
  • Direct and oversee short and long-term strategic plans, and executive Board-approved policies
  • Organize the annual general meeting ("AGM") of members, prepare and publish an annual report of the Board's activities for circulation at the AGM
  • Perform the role of Board Secretary at all Board meetings with respect to drafting the minutes and agenda for board and committee members, AGM preparations, preparing share certificates and maintaining the official Share Register
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation
  • In consultation with the Board of Directors, plan, formulate and recommend policies and programs which will further the objectives of the Co-op
  • Work with the Board on the creation, implementation, and monitoring of the annual Budget
  • Investigate, in concert with the Federation mandate, potential avenues of long-term sustainability and the economic/tactical feasibility of such; present findings to the Board to initiate due diligence and prudent judgment required to formulate a growth strategy; and
  • In cooperation and advisement with the Board, identify and evaluate risks to the Co-op pertaining to all facets of the organization.

Stakeholder Relations

  • Represent the interests of the organization at various off-site stakeholder meetings
  • Be the primary contact with all government bodies and public utility providers
  • Be proactive in communications with prospective and current residential and commercial property developers, and the area's Planning Department to maintain records of proposed development projects that may affect the organization; and
  • Maintain amicable relationships with the 1,400 organization members.

Operations Management and Administration

  • Business management of the organization, including the lead role in preparing statistical reports on operations and distribution, pricing strategies for water rates, background material and financial statements for presentation to the Board
  • Management of employees including office staff, operations staff, and any contractors that may be operating within the organization
  • Maintain a lead role in managing costs and contractor relations for all construction projects, specifically, but not limited to MPE Engineering projects
  • Approve, negotiate, and execute contractual agreements with related individuals and organizations as required
  • Understand the various segments of the organization including the general operations of the water plant, distribution system and the business issues that arise relating to managing the cash flow
  • Develop and maintain a compilation of common construction and repair cost estimates designed to assist property developers and the current membership
  • Provide overall administration leadership, including finance, human resources, and safe working conditions
  • Exercise a lead role in advising and recommending compensation strategies to the Board of Directors for all staff
  • Ensure employee role descriptions are clear and up to date; and
  • Maintain an internal culture of cooperation and collaboration.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Oversee the fiscal activities of the organization including budgeting, reporting and audit
  • Ensure that operating results established in the annual budget are achieved and the control of operating expenses within budget
  • Ensure the accuracy, integrity, and timeliness of all financial accounting and reporting
  • Provide recommendations to the Board for any acquisitions or expenditures that are outside the approved budget; and
  • Authorize expenditures within the total budget
Closing Date: 
October 29, 2021
Application Return: 

Qualified candidates are invited to submit their resume with cover letter via email to:  RVWaterCoOp@outlook.com

Deadline for applicant is: Friday October 29, 2021 at 5:00 PM

Work location: 25145 Burma Road Calgary, AB T3R 1B8 (Bearspaw Area, Rocky View County)

All candidates are thanked in advance for their interest. Only individuals selected for interviews will be contacted.

NOTE: This position will initially be a 1 FTE but is likely to reduce to a .8 FTE or .6 FTE following a review after ~ six months