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Regional Project Manager

Job Type: 
Management / Administration
Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB)
Job Description : 

Position Description - Regional Project Manager

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board is looking to hire a team oriented Senior Planner to join the Regional Growth Planning Team. The ideal candidate will have over 10 + years’ experience with a wide range of municipal planning experience ranging from land use planning, policy development, transportation planning, long range and or regional planning across urban and rural contexts from  either the public or private sector.

A. The Position

The Project Manager is a member of the Regional Growth Planning team within the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board. As a Project Manager, you will work closely with the Director of Regional Growth Planning, in the planning and implementation of regional projects approved by the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB).

As a Project Manager, you will provide project management leadership to assist the Board and its Committees/Task Forces to implement the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan and direction provided by the Government of Alberta. This may include undertaking research, leading strategy development, preparing plans, preparing and delivering presentations, coordinating and leading project plan activities, facilitation, providing decision-making support, defining and managing processes associated with projects, provide technical knowledge and expertise, reporting and report writing and any other activities necessary to fulfill the Board’s mandate.

B. The Organization

The Province of Alberta created the EMRB in April 2008 with the promulgation of the Capital Region Board Regulation and subsequent name, membership, and mandate change in 2017.

The EMRB is a Growth Management Board under the Municipal Government Act (MGA). The Regulation outlines the authorities and responsibilities of the EMRB including the preparation and implementation of a Regional Growth Plan, Metropolitan Servicing Plan, and other fiduciary responsibilities as outlined. The MGA and Regulation govern the overall operations of the EMRB.

C.  Key Responsibilities

The Project Manager will be accountable for ensuring the successful completion of strategic regional growth projects in collaboration with project teams made up of consultants, member municipal administrations, and EMRB administration. The Project Manager is responsible for all planning, organization, execution, and control of the projects established by the Board and/or Committees and Task Forces, and assigned by the Director, Regional Growth Planning. 

The Project Manager may be required to apply their technical expertise as needed to support the overall management and delivery of assigned projects.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the coordination, organization and administration of meetings for assigned Committees and Task Forces and ensuring the meetings proceed in an efficient and fair manner and respond to the direction of the Board.
  • Continuously reviewing legislation, policies, programs and procedures of municipalities and other jurisdictions, with a view to identify, understand, apply and be up to date on best practice approaches.
  • Remaining current on trends, best practices and emerging issues.
  • Developing and maintaining effective working relationships with member municipalities (elected representatives and administration), regional stakeholders, consultants and the public.
  • Responding to inquiries in an effective and timely manner.
  • Participating in the Board’s annual planning and reporting activities, and facilitating Committee or Task Force input to these activities.
  • Ensuring the Board remains neutral and at arms-length from member municipalities and Alberta Municipal Affairs in order to maintain the integrity and independence necessary for making impartial decisions.

D. The Person

The Project Manager is familiar with the complexities involved in managing the divergent interests of a multi-stakeholder Board (13 municipalities) with varying contexts such as city vs town vs county and rural vs urban, etc.  The Project Manager is able to develop innovative and creative solutions in an environment of constantly changing conditions and priorities to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Knowledge / Experience Requirements

  • Extensive knowledge of at least two of the areas of jurisdiction of the Board including regional planning, municipal government legislation, economics, land use planning, transportation including transit, infrastructure planning, economic development, environmental stewardship, and geographic information systems.
  • Management experience with administrative agencies, government or the private sector in project management.
  • The ability to manage complex and time challenging projects.
  • An understanding of principles of natural justice and the operation of municipal/ provincial or quasi-judicial boards.
  • Strong organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills.
  • A minimum of 5 years of progressively responsible experience in project management.

Academic Background

  • A graduate university degree in public administration, business administration, planning or a related field or equivalent experience.
  • Professional training in project management.

Key Core Competencies

  • Positively influencing people and events in a leadership role.
  • Relationship Building: Developing and maintaining positive and productive relationships and partnerships with organizations and individuals both internal and external to the EMRB. Has a proven ability to manage sensitive issues effectively in a political environment, including the ability to work effectively with elected officials, municipal administrators, Government of Alberta representatives, business and community leaders, and the general public.
  • Strategic Thinking: Taking a broad scale, long-term view, assessing options and implications.
  • Resource Management: Effectively managing internal and external resources to achieve organizational goals.
  • Results Orientation: Knowing and understanding the results that are important to the EMRB, and focusing resources to achieve them within the goals of the organization.
  •  Personal willingness and ability to effectively adapt to change. A high personal standard for work excellence to understand and meet or exceed the needs of the organization and the EMRB member municipalities. Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills to clearly and succinctly convey messages and information to meet the needs of all stakeholders.
  • Organizational Awareness: Understanding of governance, contact, legislation, structure and culture of the organization.
  •  A record of working cooperatively and productively with others to achieve results and success.
  • Problem Solving and Judgment: Ability to assess options and implications in order to identify problems and solutions. Ability to make decisions and provide direction on complex and emerging issues that may have substantial political, community, inter-municipal or administrative implications.
  • Politically Astute:  Knows and understands legislative and regulatory processes and has an intuitive ability to read the political implications of recommendations and actions.
  • Ability to exercise original and creative thinking to make improvements and/or develop and initiate new approaches. Familiar with relevant trends and issues. Reflection on past experiences to self-evaluate, manage, and improve performance levels.
Closing Date: 
January 23, 2019
Application Return: 

Please apply with a resume and cover letter detailing how you meet the requirements of the position before Wednesday, January 23 at 4:00 pm to:

Charlene Chauvette, Office Manager