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Benefits of membership

AUMA has been successfully advocating on behalf of Alberta municipalities to other orders of government and key stakeholders for more than 100 years.

And for more than 40 years, we have been addressing municipal business needs identified by members and we have found solutions that now are housed in our wholly-owned subsidiary business the Alberta Municipal Services Corporation.

Together we:

  • are experts in municipalities
  • provide economies of scale
  • are the support you need
  • are your advocate

Continuing support for AUMA through annual membership fees helps to ensure that we keep municipal issues and needs at the forefront of provincial agendas. Our success is a direct result of membership. Members that participate in our AMSC business services make a further investment in AUMA, enabling us to better serve as your provincial advocate.

Member categories:

We have three member categories:

  • Regular:
    • voting members consisting of Alberta municipalities including cities, towns, villages, summer villages or specialized municipalities 
  • Associate:
    • any municipality, in or outside of Alberta, not eligible for regular membership;
    • any municipally-related non-profit organization or special purpose board or commission, authorities, foundations, commissions, and associations;
    •  any organization wholly owned by one or more municipality(ies).
  • Affiliate:
    • any private company, organization or individual, in or outside of the Province of Alberta
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