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Agricultural Plastics Recycling Pilot Program

February 6, 2019

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry is helping fund a three-year pilot program to recycle agricultural plastics. The funding came after the Agricultural Plastics Recycling Program (APRG) advocated for a better solution to dispose of agricultural plastic waste. AUMA is a member of APRG, along with the Rural Municipalities of Alberta, Alberta Beef Producers, Alberta Plastics Recycling Association, Recycling of Alberta, and Alberta Environment and Parks.

AUMA has long advocated for better recycling in Alberta. In 2018, AUMA sent a letter to the Minister of Environment and Parks asking her to develop regulations that will implement a permanent solution for agricultural plastics. The pilot program will provide some short-term relief for municipalities that are seeing agricultural plastics coming to their landfills. During the three-year pilot, AUMA plans to work with APRG and Alberta Environment and Parks on developing a policy that will see the pilot transition into a permanent solution.

Visit AUMA’s Waste Management Hub to learn more about what AUMA is doing to modernize our recycling framework.

For more information about agricultural plastics, please visit the Alberta Plastics Recycling Association