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Alberta Water Council’s Water for Life implementation review: sector survey

July 31, 2019

Alberta Water Council (AWC) is surveying water stakeholders regarding the implementation of the Water for Life Strategy. The Water for Life strategy is a provincial water strategy adopted by Cabinet in November 2003. Since then, the Government of Alberta renewed the strategy in 2008 and released a Water for Life Action Plan in 2009.

An important part of the AWC’s mandate is to steward and encourage progress under Water for Life, review the implementation progress of the strategy, and provide multi-stakeholder advice on the strategy's status, progress, and effectiveness. To date, the Council has completed five reviews, with this being the sixth one.

The deadline to submit is August 31, 2019. When completing this survey, please consider the goals, key directions, and actions identified in the Water for Life strategy 2008 and the Water for Life Action Plan 2009 as they apply to your sector and your role.

If you have any questions regarding AWC and this survey, please contact Lauren Hall, Project Manager.

Click here to participate in the survey.