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August 1 deadline to access funding to support newcomers in your community

July 11, 2018

Alberta Labour has launched a call for proposals for its newly redesigned Settlement, Integration and Language Program funding. The Ministry is providing funding for innovative projects in the areas of language and settlement supports that address gaps in Alberta’s systems to help newcomers more successfully integrate in Alberta’s communities.

Municipalities and other organizations can apply to have their projects funded through one of the following four streams:

1. Basic Settlement Services for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Ineligible Clients (up to $100,000)

Projects that provide basic settlement services to newcomers to Alberta who are not eligible to receive these services from the federal government.

2. Building Community Receptive Capacity (up to $250,000)

Projects that:

  • Fill knowledge gaps and provide skills training for service providers.
  • Help employers to hire, support and retain newcomer employees.

3. Supporting Labour Market Integration (up to $300,000)

Projects that provide opportunities for newcomer groups that are under-represented or face unique needs (for example: youth, women, LGBTQ, Francophones, low literacy) to develop knowledge and/or skills to find work or advance their careers.

4. Innovation (up to $500,000)

Projects that focus on the development of new knowledge and/or new strategies that support newcomer integration.

For more information on this funding opportunity, please visit the Alberta immigration grants website. The deadline to apply is August 1, 2018.

For information on developing a more welcoming and inclusive community, contact us or visit AUMA’s Welcoming and Inclusive Communities hub