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AUMA 2018 – A Year in Review

February 20, 2019

Over the past year, the AUMA Board has been actively advocating on behalf of Alberta’s municipalities and has been developing tools to support Alberta’s municipalities to build thriving communities. Here is an update on the activities for 2018. You can also download a PDF version to share with your organization.

Advocating for Alberta Municipalities
In 2018, the AUMA Board of Directors focused on a number of key issues affecting Alberta municipalities including infrastructure funding, cannabis, policing, waste reduction, broadband, and brownfields.

New fiscal framework: AUMA’s top priority is advocacy on a new agreement with the province to replace the Municipal Sustainability Initiative when it ends in 2021. Based on input from members, we brought forward recommendations for a fiscal framework to be enshrined in legislation that is adequate, sustainable, and predictable and grows with the long-term needs of municipalities.

Stay up to date with negotiations by subscribing to AUMA’s Digest and attending Municipal Leaders’ Caucus.

Cannabis legalization: AUMA has been providing input on the development of legislation and regulations for cannabis legalization. We have also provided supports for municipalities to implement legalization and address related issues. A pressing concern is ensuring municipalities receive a fair share of cannabis tax revenue, particularly in light of the province’s Municipal Cannabis Transition Program (MCTP). The MCTP is an under-funded, conditional grant program, which excludes the majority of AUMA members. AUMA does not believe the MCTP is an adequate substitute for a fair share of cannabis tax revenue.

Learn more about AUMA’s advocacy and the tools we have developed to support the transition to legalization on our Cannabis Hub.

Policing: After successfully advocating for a comprehensive review of the Alberta Police Act, AUMA has formed a Police Act Working Group to provide solutions for improving policing services and community safety, and to advocate for a new, more equitable police-funding model.

Visit our Policing Hub for more information on the review.

Waste reduction: Recent changes in recycling programs are having a detrimental effect on Alberta communities, including higher recycling costs along with reduction in materials accepted for recycling, causing an increase in the waste stream. In response, AUMA is working with members and advocating for the province to review regulations and improve recycling programs across Alberta.

Get involved by visiting our Waste Hub.

Broadband: AUMA has been working with the province to identify affordable and effective solutions to improve broadband throughout Alberta. As a result, a Provincial Broadband Strategy is expected in early 2019.

View AUMA’s webinar on the broadband strategy and funding to learn more.

Brownfields: Brownfields are vacant commercial or industrial lots that are likely contaminated from previous use. AUMA’s advocacy efforts have resulted in the provincial government taking steps on the Brownfield Remediation Certification Regulation. These steps align with recommendations from AUMA and other stakeholders to make it easier to redevelop these derelict properties. The changes will clarify some existing brownfield redevelopment issues, but there are still actions the provincial government can take in partnership with municipalities on brownfield redevelopment.

Visit AUMA’s Brownfield Hub for information and ideas on redevelopment.