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AUMA advocacy continues, and stay tuned for a toolkit next week

September 11, 2019

As the summer continues, so do AUMA’s efforts to get our members’ priorities in front of the provincial government.

On August 12, AUMA CEO Dan Rude and his team met with Ray Gilmour, Deputy Minister of Executive Council, to discuss several high-priority issues.

Dan’s team has also met with the Deputy Ministers of Infrastructure and Environment and Parks to discuss issues of concern to our members.

Meetings with Ministers and Deputy Ministers will continue, leading up to the 2019 AUMA Convention, which takes place on September 25 to 27. The convention is the most prominent advocacy event for municipalities, and many MLAs and Cabinet Ministers will be attending.

To support our members during Convention, AUMA staff are working on a government engagement toolkit. The toolkit will be released a week before, so remember to check the September 18 Digest email for the link!