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AUMA recycling campaign gaining traction with MLAs

May 9, 2018

In response to AUMA’s recycling campaign and the work of our partners at the Recycling Council of Alberta, several Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) have started to raise concerns about Alberta’s recycling programs during question period of the spring session of legislature. Some questions were specific to the delegation of used oil to the Alberta Recycling Management Agency, while others focused on the province’s plan to expand existing recycling programs such as waste electronics, and to introduce new Extended Producer Responsibility programs.

AUMA thanks all the members who raised this issue with your MLAs. Your efforts are gaining attention, and MLAs are also responding to members directly. Thank you as well to the Town of Millet, who recently shared its letter to MLA Bruce Hinkley and his response to the Town.

If you haven’t informed your MLAs about municipalities wanting a better recycling system, we encourage you to send your letter today. These letters demonstrate that local governments want to see changes now and your MLA needs to be part of the solution. Alberta municipalities want to be part of the solution, but we need provincial support. AUMA looks forward to engaging with the Minister of Environment and Parks to make this happen.