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Do you know Community Conserve?

September 25, 2018

Do you have questions about municipal water, wastewater, environmental reserve, landfills? Community Conserve might be the website for you. Community Conserve is a forum for Alberta municipalities to identify common environment and conservation issues. For example, the site has several research reports on brownfields, municipal management of water bodies, and a conservation easement guide for municipalities.

Community Conserve also has a list of research topics, issues, and ideas that municipalities can vote and encourage Community Conserve to focus on. When an idea gets enough votes, we will create a project plan based on it, and post that on the Fund a Project page to be crowd-funded. It is not every day that municipalities get to pick an idea that is important to them. Don’t miss your chance!

Community Conserve is a partnership between AUMA, RMA, Miistakis Institute and Environment Law Centre.