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Don’t miss out: Funding opportunities for aging community buildings

June 9, 2021

Alberta’s municipalities and not-for-profit organizations own and maintain many community buildings that contribute to strong, thriving communities. AUMA has consistently advocated for an equitable, adequate, and predictable funding framework for municipalities to be able to support and maintain their infrastructure.

We are pleased that additional funding streams have recently emerged to support the retrofit, repair, and installation of energy-efficient upgrades in aging community buildings.

Funding streams include the following initiatives:

  • Community Building Retrofit – Federation of Canadian Municipalities: This funding stream supports the planning, assessment and retrofit of municipal buildings for GHG reduction. Eligible buildings are primarily used for providing athletic, recreational, cultural and community programs or services.
  • Green and Inclusive Community Buildings - Infrastructure Canada: This initiative provides funding for retrofits, repairs and upgrades of existing buildings. Eligible buildings are publicly accessible and must serve the community.
  • Recreation Energy Conservation Program - Municipal Climate Change Action Centre: The program focuses on implementing energy efficiency retrofits that result in long-term benefits. Eligible buildings are recreation facilities owned by municipalities and community-related organizations.

Our Energy Management team will review the various opportunities for members and assist in funding applications. We are also energy retrofit specialists who work with members to customize solutions, from site assessment to the turnkey installation of building improvements.

To start the conversation about your funding opportunities, reach out to Kyle Kasawki and take our Grant Funding Questionnaire.