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EMS GIS/map data: keep it up to date so the ambulance can find your residents

February 26, 2020

Alberta Health Services (AHS) collects GIS/addressing information from communities across the province for use by Emergency Medical Services (EMS) first responders. Municipalities should review and update this address information at least annually.

If you want to know if your municipality’s maps are up to date, or if you have an important update to provide outside of your normal annual cycle, please contact:

Julia Rozema
AHS GIS Coordinator
Phone: 587-774-7799


Some municipalities have GIS coordinators, but what if your municipality does not?

Someone provides data for each community – this could be via a contractor or could be done by an employee in another municipality (as a shared service). It is helpful to be aware of who is submitting the GIS/map data for your municipality. Ms. Rozema may be able to share where your data is submitted from, if needed.

Municipalities who choose to subscribe to the Alberta Municipal Data Sharing Partnership (AMDSP) have their address data updated quarterly.

AHS shares GIS data with many fire dispatch agencies in Alberta at no cost; this streamlines processes and saves resources for our municipalities.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to reach out to