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EPR 101 Webinar – Back to Basics

February 9, 2021

The Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA) recently hosted a webinar on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). The webinar answered many questions about:

  • what EPR could mean for Alberta;
  • what role EPR has in advancing a circular economy in the province; and
  • shared successful EPR implementation in other jurisdictions.

RCA has now posted the presentations.

RCA is one of AUMA’s partners in advocating an EPR packaging and paper program. RCA contributed to the research and development of the Alberta Collaborative Extended Producer Study (ACES), which highlighted many benefits of an EPR for packaging and paper program, including:

  • adding $16 million to the Alberta economy every year;
  • gaining approximately 220 new jobs in Alberta’s recycling industry; and  
  • reducing the recycling collection services costs that municipalities charge their residents each year by up to $105 million. (This is Albertans’ money, and it can be reinvested in other municipal services or provided as a cost-saving measure to municipal residents.)

AUMA is excited that the Government of Alberta announced plans to advance engagement on EPR in early 2021 and will be sharing further details on the planned engagement shortly.