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Join the campaign to protect Victim Services!

July 20, 2021

Victim services programs in Alberta support approximately 80,000 victims of crime and trauma annually, but are challenged by a lack of sustainable, ongoing funding. The Victims of Crime Fund receives $60 million annually through a 20% surcharge on provincial and federal fines. However, victim services programs depend on annual grant applications and community fundraising to exist. Even worse, the Government of Alberta recently expanded the scope of the Victims of Crime Fund to provide funding to include public safety initiatives. Alberta is now the only province that does not restrict the use of its Victims of Crime fund to services that support victims.

AUMA is calling on the Government of Alberta to reverse its recent changes to the Victims of Crime Fund and provide ongoing, sustainable funding to victim services programs. We are working with the Alberta Police Based Victim Services Association to launch an MLA letter writing campaign and raise awareness of this important issue. To help you join the campaign and advocate on behalf of victim services, we have developed a customizable MLA letter template and a key messages document. You can find these documents and more information about the campaign here.

Thank you for your support!