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Last Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Webinars on April 20

April 13, 2021

If you were unable to attend the EPR webinar hosted on April 13, tune in on April 20 to the Exploring EPR Impacts on Waste and Recycling Providers webinar. We will explore EPR impacts on waste and recycling providers. This webinar will bring together industry players involved in the transition from municipal collection (recycling contracts) to participate in an EPR packaging and paper program operated by a Producer Responsibility Organization.

Alberta Environment and Parks has published an EPR discussion paper focusing on three policy changes:

  • EPR framework,
  • EPR household hazardous waste, and
  • EPR packaging and paper programs.

The discussion paper is designed to inform stakeholders and ask questions to gather stakeholder feedback. The deadline to respond is April 30, 2021.

AUMA has long advocated for an EPR packaging and paper program and we appreciate that Minister Nixon is listening to AUMA members. To learn about AUMA’s perspectives on an EPR packaging and paper program, please visit the Alberta Collaborative EPR Study.